IS BLOGGING FOR STUDENTS OR NOT? – (100%) easy and simple explanation


Blogging for students

Are you a student or a learner, and want to know about blogs, is it helpful for you or not, will you be able to do blogging, what’s the advantages and the disadvantages of blogging for students or Is blogging is a career option not, how to create a blog many and more.

All of we know that nowadays everything is digital whether it’s in transaction, documents, payments or anything else Most of know that, in today’s interest-based society prefers only performance.

So, you are in the right place, here you will all find all the information about your query.

So, Let’s start the discussion

• What are a blog and the term blogging means?

A blog is just another word weblog blog is just a simple website that contains some information about their contents for their viewers so they can understand about it. It is just like an informational website published on the web by the bloggers( The person who create the blog.

Blogging for students

The term blogging, refer to the process, of creating a blog by a blogger for their viewer or users to provide the knowledge and information

• Is there any age limit or qualification for blogging?

Yes, we can that, there usage limit for blogging .you have to 18+ or 18 age for earning through your blog otherwise your earning goes to your parents account.  You should be 18 for your own earning from blogging. But it is not a big issue for y  It you want to do then do it.

On the other hand, qualification for blogging as we know that blog is just an informative site which provides information to others only. There is not any kind of limit for blogging regarding your qualifications. It just, you have good writing skills to create your content in a very well mannered way to present to your users and also you have a deep and understandable knowledge about your articles or content which you are writing. It just marketing and presenting your skills.

• Advantages of blogging platform

So,there are some advantages of blogging platforms for students and learners which help them to understand it very well.

Blogging for students

1.Develop extraordinary and unique content

Solve problems, Express their standpoint and temperament visually from custom themes, headings, diagrams, methods, and resemblances. Respond to their follower’s acknowledgement and comments. Besides, it’s also a fun and creative method in which they can encompass much of what they have memorized.

2. Formal Writing Sharpens the Brain’s Execution

The improvement of a student’s attention may be the vastly significant advantage that appears with blogging. Many consultants conversation about the manifestation of how customary jotting down (patient, thoughts, knowledge, tales, or anything you want ant) improves and smoothes your brain’s performance. Blogging enables you to connect the streaks nicely and rapidly. You should motivate each of your students to formulate their personal blog and establish a portfolio around it – it’ll assist them large time when they pursue their initial duties!

3. Facilitate Expression of Self

In the conventional classroom, the student’s audience is largely the student and possibly, periodically, parents and classmates. If a student was to blog about perennial, she’ll enter a broader audience, and can obtain beneficial acknowledgement.
“Blogging provides students objectively, this occurring an important characteristic of every individual ’s vitality. Also, when a student commences a platform, he’ll realize the desire to invariably furnish his audience with decent evidence. These are characteristics that very can’t be found in the traditional classroom memorizing system.” – Jason Tyler, College Teacher and HR at AssignmentMasters.

4. Blogging Boosts Confidence

People that own blogs document significant modifications in their beings. Many of them indicate that they remember “found themselves” or that they’ve “finally understood”. This may whistle like a religious breakthrough, but it is not.
In truth, what maximum people want to announce is that their confidence statuses have enhanced or improved. They exist no longer afraid to recite what they hold in their minds, and they feel less anxiety to correspond to the standards.

5. Facilitate Communication Skills

Writing, after all, is completely a species of communication that tribe use in the injunction to market impressions and emotions. Let’s maintain it simple: if you are students write something for their blog every day, they’ll communicate their feelings and impressions on a compatible basis. The more they practice through blogging, the nice communicators they’ll evolve.

6. Earn Income!

Are your students familiar with how much money can be made with blogging? Are you
Certainly, dissertation or writing is a mastery that never takes off away. Just like you understand how to navigate formerly, your article skills will clasp with you no matter what. Many bloggers learn “side work” jotting down for more income.
If your students expect to put up with their blog to the next status, they can start to monetize ing it by performing affiliate marketing, e-commerce, consulting, and so on.Disadvantage of blogging platforms

•  Disadvantages of blogging platforms

There are some describe disadvantages of blogging platforms.

1. Weak memory:

Presently a day we are so vastly rented to this broad networking junkyard that we ignore to achieve our different crucial work. People do know the URL of their beloved blogs but demonstration remembers the name of the author of the book which they retain last examine teachers get peaceful humorous when inquired0 about what was dispatched on Amir Khan’s or any several celebrity’s blogs yesterday or the day before but their jesting flunks out when inquired about the task they are appointed to do by their educators. Tribe commence scraping their forehead when inquired anything unfriendly from blogs but they smile starts demonstrating back all over their complexion when quizzed about any junk associated with

2. Laziness

One of the most cardinal disadvantages of blogging. People can blissfully waste a piece of their personality moment in the the the jacket of their network screens…but they wouldn’t entrust an ear when warned to accomplish any task that phones for somatic undertaking .this could verge to substantiate fatal for their nature in available future

3. Social life

Everyone would agree at this question for confident because more or less each has got immersed them to such importance in blogging that their remembrance about their earlier civic life has evolved fugitive. Planning and an immediate trip to a national park or any hill warehouse with colleagues seem to be impossible now and people have to give a hard jolt to their recollection to remember last time they associate with their near ones and chuckled an everlasting sting laugh.

• Health problem – Weak eyesight

I guess there isn’t any desire to explain this juncture so much. Guys maintain and misjudged their laptops as their pads tablets by tech demons like HP @ DELL people have misinterpreted it as a notepad (*it don’t have a motherboard but have the importance of mother nature) which we were really used to back days, and tribe lease it like that and appreciation to permanently bourgeoning science who has furnished us with every which Whitchurchh bypass to exacerbate the existing hazardous circumstance. All this will commonly consume your eyesight


• How to create a blog?

– How to start or launch a blog in 8 steps:-

Alright, so when it appears to the technical side of aspects, beginning a blog is certainly actually honestly. All you do is:

• Discover or find a good blog domain name and sign up or register it.

Grab a blogging platform for learners – most probable WordPress.

Sign up for a blog hosting account – Bluehost is what we propose as the best niche to commence a blog.

Havee WordPress installed.


• Pick a blogging WordPress theme.

• Install a multitude of must-have WordPress plugins for blogs.

• Customize your site and fine-tune the blog environments.

• Write and circulate your main blog post.

If you’re intense about a patient and you have reasonable article skills, blogging precisely could be an alternative business corridor for you. On the other hand, the tough validity is chief of the millions of bloggers today don’t make enough to benefit themselves barely with their blogs.
Giving employment as an experienced blogger is vastly susceptible than commencing at surface zero with your own blog. Those who get a business with a traditional corporation can reap a good occupancy from this region.

• Is blogging good for your career option or not  ?

If you’re passionate about a question and you have reasonable writing abilities, blogging certainly could be an alternative career direction for you. On the other hand, the hard reality is that maximum of the millions of bloggers today don’t make enough to benefit themselves almost with their blogs.
Buying a business as an experienced blogger is much susceptible than commencing at surface zero with your own blog. Those who earn a job with a tradit nal company can receive a good living from this meadow.

Is blogging good for your career

Blogging can be a decent and good career, given you can write instructive, entertaining subject with a unique representative. It puts up with a lot of obligation, though—if you have a blog site and compose all the quantity, it takes moment to accumulate a blog. If you are composing for other blogs, you may have to write for numerous simultaneously.
To me, the key to a prosperous blogging career lies in your understanding to write authoritatively about something. If you are an expert in putting forward alpacas, blog about issues various to this niche. If you are a professional at managing WordPress websites, accordingly write about that.
If you have creativity in an area and can compose authoritative, immersing content, then blogging is a good career for you.

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