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Hello, I’m Anamika pandey. I’m a web developer and blogger living in Delhi,India. I m a big fan of technology, web development and digitization.

With the help of my friends and my well wishers ,I present you Schoolkibaatein.com (www.schoolkibaatein.com) ,giving out best to provide you withthe best quality of informationto you.
In my life , School life is the best part for me. Enjoying with my friends, group studies, exams fear and memories everything.

So, with the help of schoolkibaatein.com, I will try to give you the information about school life problem, solutions, memories and some issues related to education nowadays .

I hope you will love it and help n support me.If you love or find any of my post information and if you have any problem or suggestion for me , i would like to know then make sure to drop a comment and don’t forget to share it with your friends.