Free educational apps for students that provide fascinating and personalized learning occasions for all students. In today’s era there is a huge impact on the education system where educational apps also play an important role.

Through the past few decades, the impact of technology upon children and education has prevailed immense. There are a number of free educational apps for students. Education was once likened with money, but aspects have changed. Great education for your children is no more a fantasy. It’s reasonable. Actually, average families can pay for a mobile phone in which applications can be downloaded.

While there are a bunch of free applications available at the app store, selecting the right one for your kid can improve the way they glare at the method of learning.  Free Educational apps for students are giving rise to things easier for children to recognize. Books are frequently organized to be exhausting and tiring for children while replacing them with colourful sheets and moving peppiness can give rise to learning fun to the beginning.


It was not long ago when smartphones have deemed a source of distraction for students. Teachers and parents attempted everything not to allow smartphones to involve the education of learners. All their gambles stopped in vain.
But as the announcing goes, every darkness has a silver lining. This era, mobile app development was that silver lining. Mobile apps twisted smartphones into basic classrooms where students do curricular activities with comfort and priority. Mobile apps along with new and advanced learning management software are shifting the educational geography.

Be it learning subjects or organizing classroom activities, educational apps made everything easier and satisfying. This article will indicate you some of those best free educational apps for students to make the decent out of their smartphone use.

So, fasten your seatbelts.
We are diving right into this.


1. Google Classroom

In an educational foundation, students are frequently assigned to complete and deliver homework, task and assignments. And educators have to examine and grade them at the firstest.

All these methods are extremely frustrating for everyone to announce the smallest.

Google classroom is nearly an actual classroom of kinds. That averages we can borrow it for seamlessly delivering statements, creating lessons, beginning conversations, fulfilling and grading tasks, inquiring for comments and answers, sharing reserves, and so on.

It’s also simple to set up a google classroom. Educators share statute with the class. And the students can join by just arriving the statutes. That’s all it takes to develop an implied classroom.

Features of Google Classroom

•Enhanced information

•Improved group

•Rapidly grading procedure

2. edX

It’s a fantasy of numerous students to study the courses of prime institutes But, they also know that it’s not susceptible to get into these universities at all.

Generously, if you got edX on your phone, nobody will stop you from attaining those dreams. edX brings these universities to your fingertips. So no matter what you desire to learn, edX will be there for you every stride of the way.

You can learn everything under the daylight and above from edX. There are further than 2000 courses of top colleges in edX particularly as computer science, business studies, linguistics, engineering, and multiple more.
The skilled certificates and university value you get from these courses will constantly be useful for you in assembling a professional career.

Features of edX

• Video tutorials

• Study material Handouts

• Interactive queries

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy consistently conserves a top spot on the schedule of the nicest free educational apps for students. The app’s goal is to furnish an available and world-class schooling for all interested senses across the planet. And we retain to admit that they are providing it fresh impressively.

Khan Academy has a different way to drive knowledge into your brains. All lessons are in shapes of video tutorials. Videos show a recording of diagrams on a virtual blackboard (like a teacher giving a lecture). And the narrator characterizes each lesson through these drawings.

Khan Academy also furnishes online courses for readying for organized quizzes like SAT, MCAT, LSAT etc.

Features of Khan Academy

• Learning in many languages

• Progress search

• Practise drills

4. Duolingo


It takes immense tolerance and method to understand new languages. It’s not everybody’s glass of water. If the learning procedures aren’t adaptive, we’ll shortly lose priority and attention.

But Duolingo has formulated speech memorizing a breeze. It enables us to learn several languages like English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin, etc. in an entertaining and interactive way. It beginnings with fundamental picture tagging games. As you obtain more degrees, There will be numerous different ways of committing games that will expand your language and grammar techniques.

You can also select your daily goals. The app also tracks your performance to furnish inspirations. If you do adequately, you’ll receive XPs. The extra XPs you get, the more bunches of interactive stories will be loosened to expand your reading and listening awareness.

Features of Duolingo

• 30+ languages

• Interactive stories

• Forum conversation

• Leaderboards competitions

• Language learning circumstances

5. Remind

Group learning is a productive method to fill in understanding volumes in students. But, it’s not invariably logical to get numerous students to assemble under a sole roof and study jointly.
Remind app is the absolute answer to this problem. Recollect stimulates us to stay pertained with our school neighbourhood. Besides students, this population comprises teachers and parents as generously.

Formerly you join this school community using an unusual school or class code, you will obtain legal updates on your classroom activities. We can furthermore use Remind to statement a whole degree, share photos and circulars, submit tasks, and apparent suspicions with your friends, both separately and collaboratively.

Features of Remind

• Share pictures, handouts, and flyers

• Chat interpretations in 70+ languages

• Instant messaging

6. Photomath

Mathematics has constantly been a puzzling subject for numerous students. No consequence what age you are, maths can be a challenging drawback to attack for many learners.

Adequately, those days are over now. Now anyone can learn to understand any complicated math problems relatively easily borrowing an app called Photomath. Numerous statistics retain listed Photomath as one of the reasonable knowledge apps for students.

The Learning process in Photomath is fine to simple. You take an image of handwritten or printed questions. Then the app itself instructs you how to understand those problems through step by step explanations and instructions.

Features of Photomath

• Scan printed/handwritten difficulties

• Multiple understanding methods

• Animated teachings

• Interactive charts

• Scientific calculator

• No need for internet

7. SoloLearn

The extent of coding and programming is faster than ever. If it weren’t for coding, we wouldn’t have numerous tech geniuses like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, etc. on our planet.

SoloLearn is virtually a paradise for coding enthusiasts. Whether you are a learner or a pro, soloLearn can get your coding juices trickling with its enormous collection of available coding tutorials across terminologies like java, python, c++, swift, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and so on.

App development is one such area where there is a persistent appetite for coders. These languages are the organization of numerous mobile app improvement brackets. So if you organize to understand them, job opportunities will be spilling in from all ways.

Features of SoloLearn

• An interactive organization of coders

• Tutorials on the latest coding trends

• Free mobile code writer

8. Quizlet

Quizlet has many effective paths to make learning simpler and quicker. Right out of the gate, you will see many study habits buttons such as learn, flashcards, write, examination and match, etc. Each of these modes is several ways to learn your desired topics.

The use of flashcards is another explanatory personality of Quizlet. Flashcards promote active recollection, the process of actively provocative memory during the learning process. It’s one of the most important learning procedures out there.

Quizlet has millions of readymade flashcards in the app. You can even develop flashcards and dividend them with different students as well. Quizlet also comprises numerous gaming actions to brush up what you’ve memorized. The app provides constant study indications growth checkpoints along the way.

Features of Quizlet

• Practice tests

• Study bunches for systematic exams

• Custom images and audio to improve learning

9. Kahoot

Interactive tests can expedite the learning process tremendously. Students feel a bewildering delight when they get the excuses right. In that concern, Kahoot is one of the nicest learning apps for those who like learning through quizzes.

Kahoot has readymade quizzes on any subject. So you just want one topic and join live quizzes with different entertainers. The app also admits you shortly establish your quizzes and challenge your friends to fight with you.
You can even borrow Kahoot for offline quiz competitions. The arrange is simple.

Features of Kahoot

• Easy game production

• Host live quiz on huge screens

• Play with 2000+ live competitors

10. Udemy

Udemy is arguably one of the decent learning apps for students out there. It has more than 130,000 video tutorials for courses varying from technology and industry to private growth lessons like a sketch, writing, yoga, etc.

Another exciting thing is that we also get to learn these topics at our own stride. If you feel stuck at some assignments, you can ask problems and open your questions with students and instructors.

Features of Udemy

• Expert educators

• Conversations

• Survey founder

• Interactive knowledge


These are some of the free best educational apps for students that provide fascinating and personalized learning occasions for all students.

The result of educational apps has also encouraged many people to hire mobile app creators to incorporate their strategies with effective educational apps.

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